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Connected School Sign

Improving Safety by Connecting School Signs to Transport Control Centre

A significant investment has been made to improve road safety around schools across the country.  There are hundreds of electronic speed signs owned by each council and thousands nationwide.  Currently, all of these are reliant on the actions of each school to switch them on and off and the Transport Control Centre has no feedback or info on the status of any sign.  This has resulted in a maintenance nightmare and ultimately signs failing to operate correctly are putting children at risk.

With motiv providing the complete end-to-end solution including dedicated hardware, firmware and easy to manage backend interface, the signs are connected over the SIGFOX network providing full system monitoring of each sign including:

  • Temperature

  • Battery Voltage

  • Accelerometer - collision/theft/vanalism detection.

The schools can operate the signs stress-free knowing they are in complete control of scheduling and the Transport Control Centre has for the first time total visibility of the real time performance of all their assets.  Motiv has breathed new life in to an existing investment, extending its life for years to come.

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