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Connected Speed Sign

Connecting isolated assets

A simple upgrade of speed signs in the Auckland region has enabled remote monitoring and data collection at an affordable price point.  Using the low cost, low power SIGFOX network, customers can justify connecting assets without impacting power resources and budgets.  This upgrade enables the following new features on existing assets:

  •  Provides constant State (on/off)

  •  Errors: pixel error, power error, door error

  •  Internal battery voltage

  •  Accelerometer event will send message as result of impact to Sign

  • Download daily/weekly PDF report on speed data processing

  • Speed Data Processing on the Device (edge), with speed data analytics send to backend interface

Motiv has transported the basic speed sign in to the future through the application of the latest IoT technology.  By extending the life of the asset, the customer has been able to defer replacement costs while benefiting from modern features.

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