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IoT Asia 2018: Industrial Technology from Schneider & Motiv

Motiv Integrate Industrial Modbus Device to Schneider Logic Controller and Wonderware Platform

After the successful release of the Motiv Sigfox Modbus industrial controller in mid 2017, Motiv worked alongside Schneider in New Zealand and Australia in late 2017 to integrate the hardware and Sigfox data structure in to Schneiders Wonderware platform.

In February 2018 at the Schneider Innovation Summit, Schneider presented a fully integrated solution showcasing the Schneider Logic Controller paired with a Motiv Modbus Sigfox industrial controller.

The Motiv Modbus Sigfox device read industrial data from the Schneider logic controller and sent it via the Sigfox network to the Schneider Wonderware platform.

IoT Asia 2018

Motivs industrial modbus controller was on display at Asia's largest IoT event held in Singapore in March 2018. Sitting in the Sigfox stand alongside 80 other products and solutions, our product was once again showcased in partnership with Schneider demonstrating a complete industrial application.

Customised Solutions

Motiv firmly believe that successful adoption of IoT can only be achieved by designing solutions that perfectly meet the customers needs. Off the shelf products may fit a customers needs if the business requirements are not complex but they quickly become problematic if just one step in the process is not catered for, especially if the number of devices is large.

Motiv are an agile design and engineering company that can turn around a total solution in hardware and software in a matter of weeks. We are working alongside and inside businesses to deeply understand how we can add value using IoT and help take our partners to a new level of insight and understanding. This greatly increases the success rate in generating a return on investment. If you are interested in how Motiv can help you take the next step on your IoT journey, please get in touch today.

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