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What We Do​​

We have established a strong capability in wireless telemetry for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, based on a range of communication channels (eg. Wifi, Sigfox, GSM connectivity). In order to get you connected, we offer integrated services in the following disciplines:

Electrical PCB Specification / Design / Manufacture / Production Including PCB Antennas

No one design can perfectly match everyone's problem. Whether your biggest concern is size, cost, energy efficiency or a unique interface - we can tailor a board for you. 

With our manufacturing partners in New Zealand and overseas we can deliver cost effective and fast production services from 5-50,000 pieces. Turn around for a custom design can be as fast as 6 weeks to help you get your solution deployed now.

Embedded Firmware Design and Implementation

The best hardware in the world requires the most reliable and efficient firmware to drive it: Because our engineers are multi-disciplined, with broad operator/maintainer experience in the real world, we can quickly understand your problem and architect a streamlined program flow.

We speak microcontroller in all languages so can have you up and running on your hardware of choice. Whether its Microchip / Atmel / or STM that you've got in mind, we've got the bases covered and can readily port code between them.​​

Legacy System Integration / Reverse Engineering


In order to breathe new life into legacy hardware we've developed a capability to map historical communication protocols. This allows for modular integration of both new and old components to maximise their life and utility. (Eg. our Modbus - Sigfox transceiver facilitates communication with legacy PLCs in remote, but critical, locations.)

Data Analytics and Web Presentation 


We're experts in extracting value from databases; looking for patterns and displaying them in user-absorbable formats. our backend has been developed with flexibility in mind, and can merge data from various data streams into a singular data river.


We are happy to host, manage, and display your data. Though for the tech-savvy among you we can push the data into your proprietary database and let you explore for yourself.

Software and Application Development

Deployment of complex solutions may require more intensive software or applications to be developed. Whether this is scripted, or compiled, we've got software architects and developers ready to deploy on your platform.

Systems Support and Maintenance

  • Hardware production and certification

  • Independent communication verification

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