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Technology to Monitor and Control Your Infrastructure


What We Do

SHAPE Technology is an agile design and technology company that rapidly turns around wireless IoT solutions with both tailored hardware and software for the industrial sector.  We work alongside, and inside, businesses to deeply understand how we can add value using IoT to take your organisation to new levels of insight and understanding.  

Industrial use cases

Traffic Monitoring

Environmental monitoring

Fleet and Asset Tracking

Electricity and solar metering

Remote asset condition monitoring

Industrial sensors and communications

(eg. RS232 / RS485/ Modbus)

Residential water metering

Commercial refrigeration

The Next Big Thing: Your IoT

SHAPE Technology are there all the way to help you to harmonise your big-data and IoT business strategies through consultancy, solution design and project management services.

Our expertise in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) and proven experience in big-data manipulation will give you the confidence that IoT is business as usual.

We offer guidance on navigating data collection, storage and analytics aspects to help you land successful projects. We're here to facilitate what you do best.

IoT Telemetry Hardware Design

Network agnostic solution architects for LPWAN hardware including tailored electronic design and firmware

IoT-Ready Data
Platform Services

Device management and data streaming platform to service deployment of IoT solutions.

Connect. Decode. Succeed.

Big Data, Analytics & Visualisation

Data hygiene, mining, and visualisation services to extract value from legacy or disparate datasets

IoT Project Management and Consultancy

Coaching organisations from inception of IoT Strategy through to project deployment and value extraction

Industry Success with SHAPE

First Industrial IoT solution on Vodafone CAT-M1: Auckland, New Zealand

Monitoring public BBQs: Nationwide, Australia

Residential water metering: Nationwide, New Zealand

Industrial opto-isolated pulse counting: Nationwide, New Zealand

School Zone Roadsign Controllers: Nationwide, New Zealand

Traffic monitoring: New Zealand and Pacific

Pest trapping: Nationwide, New Zealand

Asset vandalism / theft prevention: Auckland, New Zealand

Solar monitoring: Australasia

Swarm Satellite Remote Solar System Monitor: New Zealand


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