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Motiv Solutions help you to harmonise your big-data and IOT business strategies through consultancy, solution design and project management services. Their expertise in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) and proven experinece in big-data manipulation will give you the confidence that IOT is business as usual. We offer guidance on navigating data collection, storage and analytics aspects to help you land successful projects. We're here to facilitate what you do best.

IoT Telemetry Hardware Design

We have established a strong capability in tailored wireless telemetry for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, based on a range of Low Power, Wide Area Network (LPWAN) and telecommunication radio technologies:


In order to meet your specifications, we design tailored solutions that go all the way back to custom hardware and firmware. We design the electronic hardware to have all of the features that are required, and none that aren't.

Whether your biggest concern is size, cost, energy efficiency or a unique interface - we can tailor hardware to suit. Our New Zealand based manufacturing partners can deliver cost effective and fast production services from as little as 10 pieces to full scale volume. Turn around for a custom proof-of-concept design can be as fast as 6 weeks to help you get started with IoT rapidly.

Your custom hardware requires reliable and efficient firmware to drive it: Our multidisciplinary engineers have broad operator/maintainer experience in the real world, so can quickly understand your problem and architect a streamlined program flow to suit your needs.

CAT-M1   |   NB-IoT   |    GSM    |    Sigfox    |    LEO Satellite    

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IoT-Ready Data Platform Services

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IoT solutions require hardware devices and network connections to be managed. Setting this up, as well as the storage and consumption methods for your data is done via a platform. The SHAPE Technology platform has been developed with IoT in mind, managing the decompression of LPWAN data with seamless decoding into your data lake. Best-in-class streaming and database architectures organise your data, ready for consumption.

Ultimately, Your IoT data needs a destination where it can be accessed. For clients without data digestion and visualisation software, this can be done within the SHAPE Technology Platform environment. Dashboards, reports, and alerts help you to extract value, and tell stories, from your data. Alternatively, data can be sent to your own application or ERP system via web API. For on-premises deployments of the SHAPE Technology Platform, Business Intelligence software can be used to extract maximum value.

The SHAPE Technology Platform is hardware agnostic - it has been designed to ingest and process any form of packetised data having full functionality all the way down to bitwise operations. You're encouraged to bring your other devices along on your IoT journey.

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Big Data Transformation, Analytics & Visualisation

We're experts in extracting value from databases; looking for patterns and displaying them in user-absorbable formats. Many organisations have been collecting large data sets, but haven't the right tools to mine value out of them. Our data scientists are adept at transforming disparate data sets into formats that are ready for consumption. Whether that means bridging databases or performing calculations, we've got the tools to untangle your dataset and help you draw insight or tell stories for your organisation. Our tools have been developed with flexibility in mind, and can merge data from various data streams into a singular data river.

SHAPE Technology are TrueNorth partners with Hitachi Vantara, and use trusted, enterprise-grade, data transformation and business intelligence tools.

For this service, we are happy to host, manage, and display your data. Alternatively, we can ingest your data via web API, clean it, organise and reformat it, and send it back for you to explore further. 

Data that is held within the SHAPE Technology Platform can be explored / displayed natively via dashboards. Complex transformations can be used to extract maximum value including data amalgamation, pivoting, and analysis. Whether you're managing a process, or maintaining a fleet of assets, we put the power at your fingertips to enable you to make informed business decisions. 

IoT Project Management and Consultancy

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Many organisations have a diverse range of assets from many different vendors.  Pulling data from multiple asset types into a single manageable data stream can be a challenge.  We understand the complexities of getting started with remote data collection, and help organisations with an IoT Strategy from a concept through to project deployment and value extraction.

Whether it be selecting a LPWAN technology, trialing a concept, or learning about what is involved, we're ready to guide you through your IoT journey. We can help to harmonise your IoT and big-data strategies into tangible, real-world projects that add value to your organisation.

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