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SIGFOX-Modbus Transceiver

Upgrade existing industrial equipment with a standard modbus interface

The Motiv Modbus-Sigfox Transceiver connects almost any industrial device with a modbus interface to a SCADA backend via the SIGFOX IoT network.

Amazingly, it has been designed to fit into a single 25mm DIN Slot. 

  • 8-30V AC or DC

  • RS485/ Modbus-RTU slave device - Other RS485 protocols or Modbus master options

  • SW User interface for setup

    • Display 4 Led display

    • Sigfox TX/RX

    • Device Alive

    • Valid Modbus Packet.

  • Modbus  Baud Rate, Parity and Modbus Address can be configured locally or over the air.

A standard or bespoke back-end interface can be provided for monitoring and control over devices in the field or alternatively the field data can be easily integrated into existing customer SCADA systems via a simple API.

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