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Motiv Modbus

The Motiv Modbus remotely connects almost any industrial device utilising a modbus interface. This provides seamless integration to web-based databases or SCADA backends via the SIGFOX IoT network.

Amazingly, it has been designed to fit into a single 25mm DIN Slot. ​

  • 8-24V AC or DC

  • RS485/ Modbus-RTU slave device - Other RS485 protocols or Modbus master options

  • Features:

  • Display 4 Led display

  • Sigfox TX/RX

  • Device Alive

  • Valid Modbus Packet.

  • Modbus Baud Rate, Parity, and Modbus Address can be configured locally or over the air.​

A standard or bespoke back-end interface can be provided for monitoring and control over devices in the field or alternatively the field data can be easily integrated into existing customer SCADA systems via an API.

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